Apartment Brandeis

‘What ‘PAM’ produced is impossible to explain’
‘Have they all gone mad’, I thought. “They want me to buy this apartment” !You’ve probably heard of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ but this was ‘mayhem on Brandeis’.
Personally I find it difficult to visualise what I cannot see, but my wife Eva and Pam saw the potential.
Being older than most purchasers , Eva and I are very set in our ways,resist change and are quite difficult to deal with. However, Pam persevered, produced and presented her creative plans, which we promptly rejected.
Unperturbed and with considerable patience and diplomacy, Pam convinced us to proceed and was proven 100% correct in her vision.
What she produced is impossible to explain, unless you had seen the apartment in its original condition. Her attention to detail and use of every square meter of space was and still is amazing.
The “nightmare” is over. Thank you Pam, we now have our dream home on Brandeis.
Ray and Eva


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