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2019-11-25 (14)

Our patented Smart Home Technology utilizing both hardware and software is integrated into the fabric of the home and and employs a cloud based SAAS App to control all aspects of the home.

Steel is recyclable and the system is so precise that there is nothing left over once the job is complete. 50% of waste in landfills comes from construction sites. On average, the construction of a small house using traditional methods fills a minimum of 3 waste containers of 40 cubic meters! You pay for wasted materials, their removal, the rental of containers, and labour.

Structural Integrity is well established. The whole structure is able to withstand earthquakes above 9 on the Richter Scale

Design integration is our core competency. We hide all the complexity of modern living into a seamless, clean composition. Solar heating, electricity, air conditioning units, rain harvesting, smart home systems, are all beautifully and harmoniously integrated into the home fabric. Our designs often require no load bearing walls, offering endless design configurations within the space.

Using the latest in insulating materials and technologically formed wall panels we have enhanced our interior and exterior walls to be not only thermally efficiency, but acoustically superior too.


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