High Performance Homes

"Pam's attention to detail and use of every square meter of space was and still is amazing. Thank you Pam, we now have our dream home on Brandeis."

Ray and Eva


High Performance Homes have 4 main attributes

Firstly they are Architecturally designed. Secondly they are built to the highest level of green build, striving to be Zero Net Energy. Thirdly they are always connected with no dead zones anywhere in the building. Finally they are smart with an operating system (homeOS) to control everything.


1. Architectural Design

We will navigate your path between what exists and what does not yet exist. We know the industry, the council, the professionals, the contractors, suppliers and we are on your team!

2. Green Build

Planning a bespoke High Performance Home begins with simple digital model of the project. By using Building Information Modelling (BIM) we digitise the whole process to bring a fully loaded BIM model to life. The BIM model contains all the data to bring the project to fruition. On Budget. On Time.


3. Connected

VDC is a service that uses digital tools to create virtual models of buildings. These digital models are then evaluated before ground is even broken, allowing project teams to optimize the way a building is constructed. This advanced technology provides opportunities to greatly improve the construction process throughout the project’s lifespan.

4. Smart homeOS

We have years of experience getting council building permits. We have built up a network of relationships and we have a deep knowledge of all the rules and regulations, ensuring a successful application every time!


Digital Model Comes To Life!

What You See Is What You Get! We create Virtual Reality Models that are fully navigable in our studio.

Let’s plan together

"Pam Davidson is a very talented architect who has wonderful flair and creativity. We found Pam to be very calm and easy to work with. She added light, space and style to our new home and we highly recommend her."

Ian and Tayla

New Age Build Tech!

Save up to 60% of future heating and cooling costs!

2019-11-25 (14)

Our patented Smart Home Technology utilizing both hardware and software is integrated into the fabric of the home and and employs a cloud based SAAS App to control all aspects of the home.

Steel is recyclable and the Crisp.space system is so precise that there is nothing left over once the job is complete. 50% of waste in landfills comes from construction sites. On average, the construction of a small house using traditional methods fills a minimum of 3 waste containers of 40 cubic meters! You pay for wasted materials, their removal, the rental of containers, and labour.

Structural Integrity is well established. The whole structure is able to withstand earthquakes above 9 on the Richter Scale

Design integration is our core competency. We hide all the complexity of modern living into a seamless, clean composition. Solar heating, electricity, air conditioning units, rain harvesting, smart home systems, are all beautifully and harmoniously integrated into the home fabric. Our designs often require no load bearing walls, offering endless design configurations within the space.

Using the latest in insulating materials and technologically formed wall panels we have enhanced our interior and exterior walls to be not only thermally efficiency, but acoustically superior too.

We got you covered


We partner with you to source, design and build High Performance Homes. Everything stems from the correct choices from the outset. At Becker Create we have all the in-house skills to find the exact right project for you. The environmental conditions of the neighbourhood, the sun, wind and views are paramount in choosing the right site. Analysis of your budget will help us determine where to look and what kind of project will be possible.

Bespoke Designs

If you already have the perfect site, allow us to shape your High Performance Home to sit immaculately in position. We will design your dream home with you, giving you the comfort, using BIM walkthrough software, of knowing what you see is what you will get. Once on site our experienced team will document all the information relating to your build using our state of the art software for ease of communication between Client, Architect, Builders and Suppliers.

Full Project Management

Come to us with your dream site and perfect design already in place! We will convert those ideas into a reality.  Our costings will allow you to build so much more for your money. Our High Performance Homes seamlessly integrate air conditioning and lighting services, Smart home technology and Solar energy management into your design. We plan extensively beforehand so that there are no changes once we break ground. What is planned and costed, is built.


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